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How To Set Up Microsoft Intune For Autopilot Deployment

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One of the features of Microsoft Intune is Windows Autopilot, which improves your ability to pre-configure and set up new device imports, so they are ready for production usage. Windows also lets you recover, reuse, and reset devices. For both IT and end users, the Windows device life cycle is simplified easier with the aid of Autopilot Microsoft Intune.

IT staff’s entire cost and time for deployment, management, and retirement are reduced thanks to Windows Autopilot. Additionally, it ensures that all end users may efficiently utilize it while reducing the infrastructure you must maintain.

Windows autopilot profile is a pre-configured device import that includes a script or configuration CSV file ready to use and doesn’t need any extra work from you. In addition, it addresses concerns with hardware ucumulative softwaree cumulative updates, sparing you the expense of purchasing additional hardware or software licenses if you were to modernize your current infrastructure.

Why Businesses Should Use Windows Intune To Manage Their PCs

Windows Intune is a cloud-based Software as a Service solution that enables you to manage PCs within your business. It provides the tools to keep your devices up-to-date, secure, and compliant with regulatory requirements. When we think of managing PCs within our businesses, many people think of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). SCCM has been around for many years and is an excellent tool for managing Windows devices. 

Autopilot Microsoft Intune is different because it does not require an internet connection! It works like any other app on your computer – downloading updates through MUCA. Still, these updates are never installed on any computers because they are downloaded directly from Microsoft rather than pushed down through the network stack by SCCM.


Way To Manage Windows 10 With Autopilot Microsoft Intune 

  • This new feature is part of Microsoft’s modern management strategy to bring Intune – Microsoft, Azure Active Directory ( Azure AD ), and other management technologies. 
  • With it, you can configure and manage your device Profiles from afar – negating the need for group policies or Configuration Manager.
  • With Autopilot, you can set up new Windows 10 devices in minutes—and even configure them for MDM (mobile device management) so that they’re managed by your MDM solution, such as Microsoft Intune. 
  • Thanks to Azure Active Directory integration ( Azure AD ), you’ll also be able to manage those devices when they’re not connected to your network.
  • Microsoft Intune Accelerator gives you a trial implementation of 25 users and 25 devices to evaluate this approach’s suitability and effectiveness.
  • It provides the basis for a successful roll-out by showing how IT professionals have successfully deployed this solution across hundreds of thousands of device Name templates in the real world.

How to Use Windows Autopilot to Streamline Corporate Device Deployments

When deploying new devices, it’s crucial to have a solid plan in a domain place. Windows Autopilot can help by automating the deployment process and ensuring that your devices are ready for use.

Autopilot Microsoft Intune deploys new hardware with the OEM-optimized edition of Windows 10. You don’t need to keep up with maintaining Default customized images and drivers for every device model because this version is preloaded on the device. You may change your current Windows 10 installation into a “business-ready” steps that can, instead of re-imaging the device:

  • Setup and apply policies
  • Add applications
  • To enable advanced features, switch the version of Windows 10 being utilized (for instance, from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise).
autopilot for existing devices

How to Autopilot Microsoft Intune to Automate Endpoint Configuration

Microsoft Intune provides the ability to automate deployment Profiles and configuration for Microsoft devices and their applications, including Windows PCs. To do this, you can use Windows Autopilot. Autopilot Microsoft Intune is intended to make it easier for end users and IT to manage every stage of the lifespan of Windows devices, from initial deployment profile Status through ultimate end-oIn addition, bylife. By lowering the time that IT must spend on these operations and the quantity of equipment, they must manage, cloud-based services can lower the total costs for installing, managing, and retiring devices while assuring ease of use for all end users.

A cloud-based solution called Microsoft Intune is dedicated to managing devices and applications. It gives you control over how the equipment utilized by your business type is used (including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops). You may use it to install new apps like Microsoft Office and Teams quickly, protect your data from hackers and prying eyes, and define precise rules to manage Windows PCs and their applications.

How To Use Windows Autopilot Reset To Transform Business Devices

Windows Autopilot Reset is a tool that leverages the OEM version of Windows10 that is preinstalled on the device, saving organizations time and effort to maintain default custom images and drivers for every model of device being used. Instead of re-imaging the device, your existing windows installation can be transformed into a “business-ready” step applying settings and policies, installing apps, and even changing the edition of Windowsed to support advanced features. In addition, the Windows Autopilot Reset will quickly prepare a device for a new user in a break or fix scenario, enabling the tool to revive and transform back to its business-ready steps.

The reset process begins with a scan phase, which identifies all hardware components in the system and their current state. This phase also scans for software updates, app updates, system drivers, and firmware versions incompatible with the current configuration or user preferences. 

Next comes an assessment phase, where you can identify any issues with your OS (such as driver problems) or applications (such as app compatibility issues). You may now control your existing OS configuration by selecting which operating system components get reinstalled while retaining all data from your storage devices and apps before starting up again.

quickstart setup auto enrollment

How can we streamline enrolling devices in Autopilot Microsoft Intune?

Autopilot Microsoft Intune has many benefits for your business type. One of the biggest is that you can use them to streamline the enrollment process for new devices. This means that you’ll be able to give your end-users new devices without having to apply the operating system and applications first, which saves time and resources for your IT team.

Intune will also help you manage all your Autopilot devices in one domain. With Intune, you’ll be able to create policies, CSV files, apps, and more for each device with one click. You will require no time for creation. Every time you add a new device, these things are from scratch—you must enter the information once!

This means less work for everyone involved: no more spending hours building custom OS images or applying them manually. It also means that your organization can manage its Autopilot devices more efficiently than ever!

EPC Group Consulting and Management solutions for Microsoft Intune

Setting up the Autopilot Microsoft Intune Deployment is straightforward, requiring about thirty minutes. With Windows Autopilot, you can connect the devices automatically via Wi-Fi or USB cable. When you attach the new device to the network, Windows Autopilot will do all required to ready it for production use quickly. None of this is necessary to complete. Call IT support if you need to install software for your end users. By automating these processes, Microsoft Intune ensures minimum downtime, minimal IT intervention, and maximum productivity. 

It’s essential to maintain security and control within an enterprise, and using Microsoft Intune can provide an easy-to-use platform to set up a secure BYOD program. If you want to get started on your BYOD program, contact EPC Group for assistance to see how Microsoft Intune can improve collaboration and productivity throughout your business type.

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