Power Virtual Agents And Dataverse: Create Intelligent Chatbots

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Apr, 14, 2022 10:04

Power Virtual Agents And Dataverse: Create Intelligent Chatbots

The term Power Virtual Agents refers to a no-code, guided graphic interface solution that is designed to empower employees to design rich chatbots with conversation logic. These chatbots can be easily integrated with the Teams Platform. This implies that all the content which is authored in Power Virtual Agents is rendered naturally within the chatbots in Teams. The Virtual bots are capable of engaging with the users in the native chat canvas of Teams.

The solution permits the user organization to create powerful code chatbots which will be capable of answering the queries placed by the employees, customers, or website visitors of the company. These chatbots can be created by individual employees as well and do not require expertise and developers. The user organization needs to use the Microsoft Power Platform for creating custom apps that are subsequently published in the Teams App store. It is to be remembered that these applications can be published on the app store of the specific user company.

Power Virtual Agents And Dataverse Integration features, benefits, and licensing plans

Reasons for using Power Virtual Agents in organizations:

As the modern business patterns change, the demands of employees and user organizations are inclined more towards tools and services that can add more value to the tech sector of the company. With essential abilities like minimizing tasks and providing quick services, chatbots have become increasingly popular in the market.

The Power Virtual Agents solution is one such tool that is capable of creating chatbots across websites. All the individuals within a user organization are capable of using the solution to build chatbots and engage in conversations with the customers or employees. This implies that the process of creating chatbots does not require any coding experience. In simple words, the Power Virtual Agents is capable of handling general customer and organizational issues which allows the employees of the company to concentrate on complex demands and valuable interactions.

The user organizations can derive certain benefits from the use of the Virtual Agents:

  • The solution allows the user company to empower their teams towards creating virtual agents in the form of chatbots.
  • Automating common inquiries and freeing the human agent time allows the company to deal with other complex issues.
  • The user companies can also empower their customers to self-service which allows them to resolve issues round the clock through personalized chatbot conversations.
  • The chatbot conversations can be continually monitored and improved using the AI and data-driven application insights that are available on the user dashboard.
  • Power Virtual Agents permits the user company to integrate with products and services used daily using premium connectors or by building custom flow steps.
  • The capabilities of Power Virtual Agents like building advanced custom analytics systems by extending the chatbots through the Azure Bot Service.

Advantages of using Power Virtual Agents Dataverse:

Microsoft has recently introduced a range of low-code tools in the Teams platform, which include, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. The integrated use of these tools is expected to deliver a range of benefits to the user organization. The basic advantage of this integrated platform is the fact that the user companies will be able to build custom low code apps without leaving the Teams platform.

On the other hand, the low-code chatbots are the best way of expanding the process in which customers get their work done. Common uses of these chatbots include HR self-service, the IT help desk, and others. In addition to this, the companies with selective Office 365 subscriptions that have PowerApps and Power Automate will have access to Power Virtual Agents capabilities at no additional cost.

Currently, the Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents apps for Teams are supported by a new interactive datastore, also known as Dataverse for Teams. The platform provides a section of the Dataverse capabilities, to be used in integration with Power Virtual Agents to create custom applications and bots for the business.  Additionally, the Dataverse for Teams follows the updated data governance rules that are formed by the Power Platform. It helps in establishing access control in the Teams Admin Center like other features of Teams.

Chatbot creation

Employee benefits related to the integrated use of Dataverse and Power Virtual Agents for Teams:

The Microsoft Teams platform provides a convenient yet remote collaboration platform which is especially beneficial for organizations that are shifting to remote working for the first time. The integration of the Teams and the Power Platform can provide a range of advantages for the employees of the user organization. The Power Virtual Agents and Teams integration has helped the user companies in fulfilling the need of the modern customers and employees for fruitful conversations.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows the customer service team of the user organization to optimize the conversation flow through the identification of patterns in Power Virtual Agents. Some of the other benefits derived by employees through the integrated use of Dataverse and Power Virtual Agents for Teams include the personalized experience provided by Teams through the custom apps and streamlined workflows that can be automated to save time and minimize errors.

In addition to this, the user organizations can also perform scaled contact fewer communications through intelligent chatbots while ensuring optimal data utilization across Dynamics 365 by proper data organization. The employees also benefit from the accelerated deployment of business solutions that prove to be helpful in the context of performance, along with saving time during app deployment. These advantages aggregate into efficient cost management of the user organization.

Power Virtual Agent Integration

Essential features of the Power Virtual Agents App:

Some of the crucial features of the Power Virtual Agents can be enumerated as follows:-

  • The user is capable of creating AI models
  • The advanced AI features of the solution are beneficial for all employees.
  • The solution can detect whether the topic of conversation is overlapping.
  • This solution can itself suggest topics from the transcripts of the chatbot conversations.

Licensing plans and pricing structure of Power Virtual Agents Dataverse:

The pricing structure of Power Virtual Agents is categorized into two parts, which include the general pricing and pricing according to the add-ons in every session.

According to the general pricing range, the solution is available for $1000 per month. This plan includes 2000 sessions, Dataverse capabilities, and the ability to make the chatbots take action.

As far as the add-on plan is concerned, it is made available for $450 a month. Under this plan, 1000 sessions are provided to the user company. The add-on package provides the user company with an opportunity to add sessions to the Power Virtual Agents plan. But to use this package, the user organization is required to have a Power Virtual Agents license.

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