Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Design

What is an Intranet?

An Intranet is a private network platform that resides inside your enterprise. The main purpose of an intranet is for employees to have a centralized location where they can log in to view, consume and share information.

Your intranet portal is a place your staff visits daily and is in many ways a reflection of your company brand. Not only should it perform predictably but it should also be attractive, intuitive and user-friendly. It needs to reinforce your brand and values to ensure everyone feels part of the same team.

As remote and on-the-go working becomes more popular, you need an intranet that looks and functions great on mobile devices. SharePoint Online, as well as SharePoint 2019, has brought on some terrific new mobile enhancements and EPC Group’s SharePoint mobile team can ensure that your SharePoint branding is mobile-friendly so that it looks great, is dependable and has the ease of use for smartphones and tablets.

The Benefits of Leveraging a Company-Wide Intranet Portal:

  • Improve communication flow between all company teams
  • Make critical information easy to find and disseminate
  • Help team members access information from anywhere 24/7/365
  • Customize design and functions to meet your unique organization’s needs
  • Simplify complex data management and ensure that the data is always current.
  • Simplify network administration, including security, appropriate permissions, and other tasks

In an industry where nearly half of these types of projects fail, you can rest assured knowing that EPC Group has a 100% project satisfaction guarantee on each and every project we perform.

We use a consultative approach to ensure we craft a solution that is beautiful, functional and dependable for your every-day needs and budget. Taking intranet best practices learned from more than 20 years & 1200+ successful Intranet deployments, EPC Group will create a SharePoint Intranet workspace that is truly unique and appropriate for your business.

Our EPC Group team of website developers will design an experience that drives results.

While we love beautiful web design, we know that no site can thrive on aesthetics alone. A website should generate business as well as serving as a powerful marketing tool. To accomplish this, websites must satisfy industry best practices for User Experience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Development.

The two most important success factors for a website are driving and converting qualified prospects. Each visitor is a potential client and you have just seconds to capture their attention. Through effective use of clear messaging, calls to action and conversion-oriented design, our goal is to drive engagement so you can increase sales.

Every EPC Group design projects kicks off with a discovery process, during which we uncover valuable insights about your business. Prior to planning your website design, the EPC Group team will gather intelligence regarding your target audience, sales strategy, and short and long-term goals.

In our opinion its very common these days that websites are built without reflecting the clients core business goals. This is a futile process that only leads to wasted time and money and frustrated customers. Throughout our design and development process, we will evaluate continually what is required to deliver a successful site. We treat each engagement as if it were our own, and believe in a proactive hands-on work flow that centers on collaboration and transparency.

Design for Mobile

A mobile device has about 10 percent the pixels as a regular screen. And since form follows function, the mobile site better own its design. The design should be more straight forward and simpler. Here are a few ways that the design of your mobile site can be transformed:

  • Use a one-column layout
  • Deploy fewer graphics, save screen space and load time.
  • Because users are on a smaller screen you need to write more to-the-point on your subjects.
  • Use a more straight-forward navigation, so there is more room for larger buttons.

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