Things To Remember About The Microsoft Teams Help Desk

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Sep, 06, 2022 04:09

Things To Remember About The Microsoft Teams Help Desk

Employees moving to Teams are supported by the Microsoft Teams Help desk software. In addition, organizations may adopt Teams using our suggested strategies, such as by allowing core collaboration, virtual meetings, or comprehensive voice solutions. In any case, adequate helpdesk assistance will guarantee a seamless personnel move. Some clients will also take part in the Microsoft-driven update process. For example, minor clients with basic use scenarios will start the automatic update procedure.

Teams may interact and exchange files using the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams. It’s built on Microsoft’s cloud-based infrastructure, providing a secure platform for businesses of all sizes. The software is available on multiple devices, including mobile, tablets, and computers. In addition, it can be used in an in-person meeting scenario or as part of a telepresence solution through Microsoft Lync.

What Organizations Need To Know About Upgrading With Help Of Microsoft Teams Help Desk

We know that Microsoft Teams is changing the way that you work. With Microsoft Teams, you can do more than collaborate—create a new way of working with your team. Because of this, you choose to make sure you know what to anticipate on the day of your update.

Microsoft will automatically update each Office 365 subscription to Microsoft Teams for clients scheduled for the Microsoft-driven upgrade. Office 365 Message Center postings and emails delivered directly to tenant managers will serve as the advance notice medium. As a result, the whole tenancy, including all users, gets updated to Microsoft Teams at the time of the upgrade.

The tenant administrator can delay or carry out the update before the planned date. Alternately, partners can collaborate with a customer to proactively upgrade the tenants of that customer at any time before the planned upgrade date.


How Microsoft Teams Help Desk Can Help Your IT Support Team

If your staff use Microsoft Teams for internal communication, they are likely already familiar with creating, managing, and resolving support issues. But if you ask them to create and manage all their support tickets on additional software, they might get tired of doing so. 

They’ll have to spend more time checking the status of their requests in a different system instead of working on them right where they’re already at work. Teaching them how to utilize an additional piece of external software might not be a good idea. On the other hand, making it simple for workers to create and resolve tickets using the communication channel in which they are already well-versed will result in a game changer for the whole organization:

  • Employees can interact more efficiently with the IT Support staff since they share a platform.
  • In addition, IT Support may organize, prioritize, and resolve support issues in a single location rather than monitor requests on different platforms.

How To Implement A Help Desk On Microsoft Teams

There are many ways to implement a help desk on Microsoft Teams, and the choice depends on your organization’s size and what type of service you want to offer. For example, suppose you have a small team that works remotely and needs help with some tech issues. In that case, it may be easier to use Teams as your primary communication tool because you can use video conferencing or screen sharing to resolve issues in real-time.

If you have a larger team that convenes at an office daily, it’s best to implement traditional help desk software like Help Desk Manager. It provides more features than Teams and is easier for IT professionals who don’t have experience with the platform.

You do not need to instruct your workers on utilizing Microsoft Teams as they are already familiar with the platform. Teams are easy to use and have a friendly, intuitive interface, which improves the employees’ experience. In addition, they’re already experts in using different features of Teams, and implementing a help desk on top of that should be easy for them. The same holds for your IT Helpdesk Teams; help desk agents will feel comfortable working on service requests in Teams instead of juggling between two different systems.

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How To Do Internal Help Desk Support In Microsoft Teams

If you’re looking for messaging software that facilitates a free-flowing, conversational, and personal experience for both humans and service desk agents, Microsoft Teams is the right choice.

Unlike traditional customer support, where conversations are more formal and generally happen over email and phone, internal help desk support tickets are conversations between colleagues. As a result, there’s a much closer bond between the employees and the service desk agent. As well as an apparent demand for more personal, natural, and friendly conversation across the organizations.

Microsoft Teams is the right messaging software to work on internal help desk tickets. MS Teams facilitates a free-flowing, conversational, and personal experience for both the humans and service desk agents—and you can send chat messages, faces, emojis, gifs, or do a video call enabling a more personalized experience.

Best Practices For Launching & Managing A Help Desk In Microsoft Teams

A service desk is necessary for managing and resolving difficulties in businesses of all sizes. Setting up a help desk in Teams is quite simple and takes less than an hour if you run a small business. If your company is large, setting up a help desk in Teams only takes a few days or weeks. The increased productivity that results throughout the organization is compelling and contributes to a higher ROI for the company because employees have more time to focus on the essential aspects of the business.

Microsoft Teams has been known to help organizations increase productivity by making it easy for employees to collaborate across teams while reducing email clutter. For example, suppose your team has been struggling with email overload due to constant communication between co-workers or multiple projects at once. In that case, Microsoft Teams can help reduce your email traffic by having everyone communicate via group chat instead of emailing each other directly one-on-one or via groups such as SharePoint.

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How Live Chat Can Be a Great Tool to Help Your Tech Support Teams

To explain how this would seem in action, let’s say that you have a large organization that needs to offer tech support to different departments or teams within your company. In this scenario, you could add a Help Desk Support tab that displays your Live Chat directly inside any of your Team Channel. 

Any employee could chat privately with your tech support team without posting to a larger public team, eliminating the hassle of sorting and searching through chats. Then there’s the tech support team side. The support team will receive a request in the set channel, and one of them will accept the chat request.

You may also set up notifications when someone begins a discussion or logs on to the departmental website. By doing this, you can guarantee that every user is constantly informed of what’s going on in every department!

EPC Group has its Microsoft Teams Consultancy Service

The Microsoft Teams helpdesk is a valuable tool that will improve your organization’s support model to include an engaging interface and invaluable content management. The live chat component is a great way to interact directly with the customer and resolve issues quickly. The ability to escalate cases, provide additional information, and communicate via all available channels will keep everyone on the same page during your Microsoft Teams implementation. 

Microsoft has done a tremendous job at integrating all the features of Microsoft Teams in this app to offer you one seamless experience. As you start using this integrated workspace for collaboration, don’t forget to keep these aspects in mind to augment your product and enhance the user experience. As an organization, you have to focus on innovation and collaboration. Microsoft Teams is the perfect platform for bridging traditional and modern communication and facilitating teamwork. EPC Group’s consulting methodology will help you implement new ideas and build a lasting culture around them.

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