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What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Mangement?

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is certified by Microsoft and allows the organizations to build an agile and strong supply chain with the help of various IoT and Artificial intelligence-enabled features. This helps in efficient production, warehouse, planning, transportation, and inventory.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management helps the organization to work efficiently with complex operations. Here is a list of all the benefits that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain provides to every organization.

  • Build graceful manufacturing operations and factories through prognostic technologies in order to improve the delivery and quality of the products.
  • Predict the demands of the customers and plan accordingly the production and supply. It also helps to make sure whether all the stocks and the resources are in the right place.
  • Boosts up the innovative techniques applied in the organization and responds faster to the issues associated with the quality. Also, change in the obsolete parts in order to reduce the delays.
  • Maximizes the endurance capacity and also improves the effectiveness of the overall equipment by continuous maintenance.
  • With the help of advanced analytics to enhance and automate the fulfillment, material sourcing, supply chain, ERP inventory management, and stock in order to improve the delivery.
Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain Mangement

Responsibilities of an operational leader

Operational leaders are generally the people who develop the support and designs and organization by implementing various guidelines and policies. Some of the most important responsibilities of an operational leader in supply chain management are as follows-

  • Enhances strategic planning– By giving a combined view of services, warehouse, logistics, and inventory, the inventory management, and the master planning modules help the companies to enhance the strategic planning.
  • Helps in the rise of efficient operational activities– To enhance the growth and the service levels, the organization is trying to increase the speed along with the accuracy of the business with the help of streamlined processes.
  • Enhances productivity in the workforce– It enhances productivity by positioning the employees in proper places to achieve strategic goals and meet the customer demands without any delay.

What are the features of Microsoft dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides several innovative features which help organizations to optimize operations and enhance the performance of the production. The features are:

Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain Visibility
  • Built-in machine learning capabilities– It helps the organization to receive several recommendations to learn to manage inventories.
  • Enables IoT data analysis– This feature helps in managing the operations and the shop floor and boosts the quality and uptime.
  • Power BI Analytics– It enhances the speed of outbound and inbound processes in an organization in order to deliver mixed-mode manufacturing.
  • Automation enabled– This feature helps to enhance the various processes also manage the warehouse.
  • Integrated field service– This helps the organizations to optimize resource management and also manage the tools and machines of the organization.
  • Planning optimization Add-in– This helps in correcting the size of the levels of the inventory depending on the demands of the customers. It also helps in optimizing the cash flow in the organization.
  • Asset Management Add-in– This feature allows the organizations to predict and plan several types of corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance

What are the skills that you can possess after receiving the Microsoft dynamics 365 supply chain?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications allow the person to meet the demand of the market and the job role. Once you receive this certificate, you will be able to possess a lot of skills.

  • Will be able to execute data migration
  • Can easily manage the lean orders and the production techniques
  • Set up the security processes
  • Configure manufacturing processes
  • Manage and process the batch orders related to the production
  • Use simple tools for implementation
  • Support and also validate the solutions
Data In Real time for Supply Chain Management

When can you use transportation management in supply chain management?

In Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management allows the employee to use the transportation that is paid by the company. It also helps to recognize the vendors and also routes solutions that are necessary for the outbound and inbound orders. Here are some of the scenarios where transportation management is being used in supply chain management.

  • For the delivery and the pick-up facilities, the company provides its own fleet and the customers are not asked for the delivery charge as the price of the product ordered by the customer includes the delivery charges.
  • For the delivery and pick-up facilities, the company provides its own fleet and the customers are asked for the delivery charge separately.
  • Another legal entity of the same company is responsible for providing the logistics service.
  • While using the outbound logistics providers.
Business Continuity with MS Dynamics Supply Chain Management

Microsoft dynamics 365 supply chain certification not only helps the organizations to increase their productivity but also helps to position the employees properly to reach its strategic goal and meet the customer demands.

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