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EPC Group’s Power BI Consulting Services

Challenges Facing Nampa School District:

The Nampa School District is located just outside of Boise, ID. They wanted to serve their employees and students better to increase overall satisfaction and productivity in the school. To achieve the goal, they needed a solution that will provide them with real-time, data-driven, and intelligent insights through their data. The school brought the students closer to the organization by adopting an advanced and intelligent platform that runs on Microsoft Power BI. With the Power BI Reports, the Board of Trustees were able to arrive into an effective, data-driven, decision-making to improve the School’s programs and employee satisfaction.

One of the major goals of this effort was implement a solution that would in term ensure students felt more valued. They were able to see changes on how they can continuously improve and provide staff and facility the opportunity to raise the bar of quality education provided to them. Employees feel more empowered as they get insights to how the organization is doing, and how they can take action to serve the students better. Nampa School District expected a boost in financial performance as a result of better decisions and actions, satisfaction and productivity from both employees and students they serve.

EPC Group’s Solution:

After establishing a comprehensive list of business requirements, it became clear that a cloud-based Business Intelligence solution would be the most economical and sustainable solution for the school district. Upon reviewing possible solutions, the Nampa School District decided to go with an enterprise Microsoft Power BI deployment due to its easy-to-use user experience and superior level of security. Confidential Reports and proprietary data are safeguarded by Microsoft’s High Standards and Compliance for Data Security.

They recognized that by choosing Power BI, which is part of Office 365, it easily integrates with other apps within the Microsoft stack such as Excel, SharePoint and PowerPoint. This provides greater productivity for their users to easily pull the reports from Power BI and embed it to PowerPoint seamlessly for presentation.

Also, they would not need to worry about the future as all new features and updates are automatically delivered to them, without additional cost, making them future-proof and modern. This provides sustainability and confidence that they will not be left out with outdated technology.

EPC Group developed more than 50 Power BI reports and related dashboards for the Nampa School District which were security trimmed around the specific roles within the organization. EPC Group also provided Power BI “Power User” and “Super User” training to ensure end-user adoption which greatly increased the success of this business intelligence initiative.


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