Challenges Facing Tesla:

Tesla’s existing reporting systems were Excel and SSRS and they were not providing the quality visualizations that the internal team needed for improved decision making and quality control. Tesla was seeking to find an advanced analytics service that was hosted in the cloud that would be able to seamlessly integrate with 12 of its core data sources. The organization was also seeking to utilize their mobile devices in the field and on the assembly line to be able to drill into key metrics which were audience driven to specific stakeholders and management roles within Tesla.

EPC Group’s Solution:

EPC Group developed a solution with Microsoft Power BI embedded in Tesla’s custom applications to improve real-time decision-making capabilities as the business intelligence platform providing key insights into the organization’s data.

The company valuable multiple analytics tools before deciding on Power BI Embedded, which could analyze data from its existing data sources. EPC Group worked to pilot test Power BI with various groups within Tesla to gain end-user adoption as well as gain value feedback which ensured the reports were hitting the mark that was set for this project.

This feedback helped influenced how EPC Group developed the dashboards, what the functionality should be used to best fit the working style of Tesla team members and to ensure user adoption and usability to its key stakeholders.

EPC Group worked closely with Tesla stakeholders and end-users to implement powerful visualizations within Power BI dashboards that had the “data freshness” that was required for real-time decisions to be made. The EPC Group team pulled data from multiple data sources and ensured this was architected in a secure and scalable manner.

A key differentiator in this project was the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide Power BI governance strategy for the Tesla organization that spelled out the “rules of the game” for the Power BI effort. EPC Group provided train-the-trainer training sessions to Tesla team members to ensure they could manage and support the system which greatly cut down on the amount of time required for future phases for external consulting support. This allowed Tesla to run with the solution and not be dependent on EPC group for on-going support.

Power BI has allowed for near real-time analysis of key metrics and has provided KPIs for stakeholders to help them make the decisions they need to ensure the success of the Tesla organization.

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